6 tried and tested community building practices for your organization 

Building an online community is the new version of the blog craze of the early 2000s. It’s something that seems so accessible, so straightforward, and yet it can be an uphill battle for the vast majority of those trying to accomplish it.  To help you make that climb, we’re going to be going through the…More

Our free listserv just got an upgrade

Group email has been a staple of internet communication since 1998, and over the years, it’s only continued to become more powerful and useful.  Gaggle Mail has been proudly offering group email to the world for several years now, and today, we’re excited to announce an expansion of our free group email service.  Our users…More

How to manage a group email list with ease

Email is by far one of the most popular tools for work in 2021, with over 4 billion email users around the world. Those users are sending around 3 million emails per second, and sometimes, it feels like all of those emails are arriving in your inbox. Even with a group email, which is supposed…More

Adding or inviting people to your group

Groups are what make Gaggle Mail great. With your groups you can make the most of what Gaggle has to offer, organizing activities, dispensing wisdom, or just keeping in touch. To make your groups successful, you need to add other people though — you can’t just talk to yourself! And Gaggle Mail makes it as easy…More

Apply your own brand colors to Gaggle Mail

Whether you’ve invested a little or a lot in your branding, you’ll want to show it off. We appreciate that here at Gaggle Mail, which is why we’ve recently made it possible for you to apply your own brand colors to your Gaggle Mail groups, emails, and homepage. Why is branding so important? Branding communicates…More

GroupSpaces Alternative

GroupSpaces has been on a death march for what seems like years now, the site has been up and available but there have been no enhancements or word from their support team for as long as I can remember.  With all that in mind, it wasn’t a great surprise when they announced at the start…More

Large Attachments

Gaggle Mail has always supported attachments but up until now, it’s had an occasionally annoying 10MB maximum size limit. We’re delighted to let you know that you can now send single attachments of up to 35MB and a maximum total message size of a whopping 100MB! As you can see from the table below, most…More

Welcome Email and Custom Logo

Inviting people to your email group is an important step when getting set up, you want to create a good first impression. We have a friendly and informative standard welcome email which covers most bases, but when you want to go the extra mile and personalise your introduction there’s also the option to use a…More