Why people are leaving big tech and returning to ‘old-fashioned’ email groups like Gaggle Mail

For the first time in nearly two decades, Facebook’s platform saw a decline in users. But why?

The truth is, a shift back to older tech has become apparent in recent years. As technology continues to progress at an alarming rate, some businesses and individuals are moving away from big tech solutions and opting for simpler, more familiar apps and services. 

In this post, we’re going to explore why this shift is happening and how those who make the switch can benefit from doing so. 

The problem with big tech group messaging platforms

Now, there are two sides to this shift. The benefits of making the switch and the drawbacks users are looking to leave behind. Below are just a few of the negative aspects of big tech solutions that users are growing tired of. 

Privacy concerns are rampant 

Unsurprisingly, one of the major drawbacks of big tech messaging platforms is privacy concerns. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are constantly plagued by privacy controversies, even as their marketing campaigns claim the opposite. 

And it’s clear to see why. These businesses have a direct incentive to violate the privacy of their users. It benefits their research, development, and marketing endeavors. But it also breaks the trust of their users. 

For this reason, businesses like Facebook (which has a particularly bad privacy track record) are beginning to see a decline in users and public image.

Security issues are looming

Another issue with these businesses revolves around security. These big tech companies have an unfathomable amount of data on their users. This makes them a major target for hackers around the world who stand to benefit from stealing, selling, and otherwise exploiting that data. 

For a long time, users have assumed that these major tech companies are too big to fail. The data they’ve stored couldn’t be touched because their systems and security are surely too robust. 

However, we now know this to not be the case. Facebook alone has suffered massive data breaches in recent years, leading to its users’ data being sold on the dark web. 

Complicated features bloat these platforms

Finally, messaging platforms from big tech companies are often plagued by feature bloat. 

Feature bloat is a term used to describe apps that have far more features than you’ll ever need to use, making the app difficult and frustrating to navigate. If you’ve ever had that feeling of, “I just want to do X!”, then you’ve probably run into feature bloat before. 

Older tech solutions, like email, tend to be far more streamlined. They only have the features you’ll need to use daily, leaving the more complex and not-so-useful features behind. 

The move to “old-fashioned” tech solutions

With those reasons in mind, it’s easy to understand why some people are beginning to favor “old-fashioned” tech solutions. While we say old-fashioned, we’re not talking about typewriters and walkmans. These solutions include options like email, which can still serve all of the needs most groups have for group messaging without any of the drawbacks that big tech solutions have. 

Group email has existed since before 2000, and it is still around today. It is one of the most popular tools that individuals, communities, and organizations alike are moving back towards.

Group email technology can do exactly what you need without violating your privacy, exposing your data, or wasting your time. 

What is an email group?

For those that don’t know, an email group is an email service that allows you to quickly send an email to a group of other emails. You can technically do this with any standard email address by adding a bunch of emails to the recipient field, but that’s pretty inefficient. 

An email group makes this much easier. Group email services, such as Gaggle Mail, come with features like storing addresses, managing group replies, and bulk actions that turn email into an efficient and fun way to keep in touch with a large group of people. 

Benefits of email groups

There are several aspects of email groups that make them a great tool for building a community. Here are some of the reasons Gaggle Mail users love using our platform!

Your emails are encrypted as soon as they’re sent

A critical aspect of group messaging is keeping things secure. You and your group members need to know that your conversations are private and protected. This is something that Gaggle Mail provides for every email sent through our service.

Your emails are encrypted from the moment they’re sent out, so there’s no chance of these emails being intercepted and read by anyone other than your intended recipients. 

Easily build workflows

Email groups like Gaggle Mail aren’t bogged down by feature bloat. We only implement features that we know you’ll love and use regularly. This allows you to easily craft workflows that work for your community. 

You’ll have no trouble learning how to use group email. Making it work for you is simple and taking advantage of features is intuitive. 

Take advantage of simple, friendly features

These features include bulk actions, which allow you to quickly perform operations on your group emails in bulk. This saves time without introducing the possibility of costly mistakes. 

Another feature offered by Gaggle Mail is importing members. This makes it easy to quickly migrate a list of subscribers from another platform. You don’t have to enter subscribers in manually, so you’re less likely to leave anyone behind. 

Build a community with a ubiquitous solution

Lastly, group email has the immense benefit of being a ubiquitous solution. Everyone already has and uses email. And you can access it without downloading an app, signing up for a new service, or buying a specific device. Any device you and your group already has that connects to the internet can take advantage of group email.

Group email is also free for a majority of users. Gaggle Mail provides free group email for up to 1,000 members, so you can take advantage of this great service without spending a dime. 

Ditch big tech and make Gaggle Mail the home for your community

Despite its popularity, big tech isn’t the right solution for most groups who need a messaging platform. You can start using Gaggle Mail’s group email services today for free, providing your group with a fast, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.