Our free listserv just got an upgrade

Group email has been a staple of internet communication since 1998, and over the years, it’s only continued to become more powerful and useful. 

Gaggle Mail has been proudly offering group email to the world for several years now, and today, we’re excited to announce an expansion of our free group email service. 

Our users can now use Gaggle Mail with up to 1,000 group members without paying for anything. This is a fully-fledged Gaggle Mail experience at no cost to you. 

Gaggle Mail: Next-level free group email

There are other free listserv solutions on the market, but none that are as comprehensive and powerful as Gaggle Mail. Our platform was built in the modern era for modern use cases. Below are some of the key features of Gaggle Mail that can take your group email experience to the next level. 

Import your members fast

When you’re hosting a group email between your friends, neighborhood, or a local club, you might not have any issues adding emails by hand. But if you’re working for a larger organization or using Gaggle Mail for marketing, then you’re going to want a faster way to get things done. 

That’s why email importing is built into Gaggle Mail. With this feature, you can import a list of all of your group email members in an instant. This makes it easy to migrate to Gaggle Mail from another platform and to keep Gaggle Mail in sync with other apps you may be using. 

Automate your inbox with Zapier

The free group email offered by Gaggle Mail also offers integration with Zapier. For those that don’t know, Zapier is an online automation platform. You can use it to plug your favorite apps together and then automate interactions between those apps. 

Zapier is one of the most popular platforms on the internet and the leading digital automation service. For a time-saving service like Gaggle Mail, it only makes sense to integrate with the best. 

Spend less time in your inbox with digest

Although a free group email service can solve several challenges, it can also back up your inbox. After all, getting group email replies from hundreds of individuals can be difficult to manage. 

That’s where Gaggle Mail’s daily digest feature comes to the rescue. Rather than flooding your inbox with emails constantly, you can choose when to view the chunk of emails that hit your inbox that day. This keeps things simple and prevents notification anxiety.

Perform bulk operations on your inbox

Another challenge that receiving tens or hundreds of emails per day can create is being able to process all of these emails. This is especially true for the person/crew managing your group email. 

Luckily, the experts at Gaggle Mail created a solution for this, too. You can perform bulk operations on your entire inbox. Just download it as a neatly formatted spreadsheet, edit the spreadsheet using bulk modifications in your favorite spreadsheet app, and re-upload the edited version to your inbox. 

You aren’t limited by small attachment limits

The majority of email services (Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.) have an attachment limit between 20MB and 50MB. Even at the top end of this limit, you’re going to find yourself bumping into that ceiling often. And forget about sending videos to your group — even a thirty-second video will be nearly 100MB in size. 

That’s why Gaggle Mail pushes the limit on attachment sizes for your group. Not only do we offer up to 100MB when you send messages to your group from your dashboard, but we’ll automatically convert large files to links so that they can be easily accessed by your group. No more “This file is too large to be sent,” messages. 

Freemium just got a little more premium

All of the features mentioned above are features that Gaggle Mail has been offering to its users at no cost for years. And while this has made Gaggle Mail one of the go-to free group email services for years, we wanted to push things even further. 

That’s why Gaggle Mail has expanded our free plan tier from 25 users to 1,000. You can now get 40x the usage from Gaggle Mail at zero cost to you or your organization. 

If you’re looking to migrate to Gaggle Mail, here’s how this change can benefit you. 

What you can do with Gaggle Mail’s free Listserv plan

Some of the best features Gaggle Mail indeed has to offer are limited to our affordable paid plans. However, we’ve made sure to include everything you need for a great group email experience in our free plan. And then we added a little more. 

Users of Gaggle Mail’s free plan get all of these features:

  • A searchable archive of your emails
  • Bulk adding and inviting for new members
  • Bulk operations on your inbox
  • Moderation for your group
  • Daily digest
  • Flexible attachments
  • Incognito mode to maximize your privacy
  • Integrate with Zapier to automate your inbox

Unlimited messages for your organization

And if that’s not enough, you also get unlimited messages. Your members may be capped at 1,000, but you and all of your members can send and store as many messages as you like forever. 

This is an extremely powerful tool. It means that your usage of Gaggle Mail isn’t limited, and the number of people who can enjoy that usage is now far, far larger. 

Gaggle Mail’s paid plans: We’re ready to scale when you are

Gaggle Mail’s free group email services are here to stay with your group, club, or organization. We provide you with the tools you need to grow while staying connected. 

And as your group expands, Gaggle Mail will be here to scale with you. We offer flexible paid plans that start small and grow large enough to support an enterprise. Paid memberships will also come with unique features tailored to your new needs, like personalized domains and footers, branding, and an automated welcome message. You can sign up for Gaggle Mail’s free listserv or our paid plans by clicking here.