How To Create a Listserv

A Listserv is a great way to easily facilitate group email discussion, there are plenty of advantages of having a Listserv over just including everyone in cc but we won’t go into them here, this article is about setting up a Listserv.

The official Listserv software has been around for 30 years and is provided exclusively by L-Soft, this is large scale, tried and tested enterprise software. If you need hundreds of groups with tens of thousands of members then this is the option for you. It doesn’t come cheap but it does give you a large scale enterprise solution.

If your requirements are more modest, maybe you just need a few groups (or one) with less than a few thousand members then Gaggle Mail is a worthy alternative. Although Gaggle Mail is not strictly a Listserv (L-Soft holds the Listserv trademark), it accomplishes the same thing a Listserv does in a modern, easy-to-use way.

Being 100% hosted in the cloud, it’s super easy to get started with Gaggle Mail. Just head to the home page, enter your email address and a password, choose a name for your group and voila(!) you have your own group email discussion list.

Gaggle Mail was created with a major focus on being easy to use and accessible to anyone. From small smartphone screens to tablets or large desktops, managing your groups on Gaggle Mail is simple and intuitive. Whether you’re trying to add members to a group, searching for messages in the archive, moderating messages before they’re sent out – it’s all just a click or tap away.

At the heart of any good group email system is its ability to get messages delivered and this is where Gaggle Mail shines. The delivery of every message is tracked and should delivery problems arise then these are quickly highlighted with simple to follow resolution steps. With years of experience delivering millions of email messages, you can rest easy that your messages will get delivered.

Being a modern platform, Gaggle Mail was created in a world of GDPR and privacy concerns from large tech companies (Facebook, Google, I’m looking at you). Not only do we take extreme care to make sure all private data remains private, but we also have unique features like Incognito Mode which allows people to participate in group email discussion without their email address being known to other people in the group.

Listservs are a very useful tool for group email discussion, Gaggle Mail provides a modern, reliable and simple take on this winning formula.

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