What’s New – February ’22

Product Updates


First off, we’re delighted to let you know that our new API is now available. We’ve always had Zapier integrations, but this enables you to manage the members in your group from a simple JSON-based API. See the documentation here.

Improved Add Members

We’ve spent a good amount of time this month improving the experience of how you add members to groups. Now, when you paste new names and email addresses in, we validate each row immediately and show a summary of how many people are being added and whether there are any errors.

Adding members

Email Commands

Email commands let administrators; add, invite, and remove members from their group simply by sending an email to a specific address, there’s also a command to return a complete list of members for a group. These are really useful when you want to make quick changes to your group but don’t want to log in. Learn more

Email commands
Email commands documentaion

What’s next?

There are a few new features we’re excited about building and we’d like your help choosing which to work on. Please reply to this email letting us know which of the following gets your vote:

  • Store additional member information – the ability to store more than just a name and email address for each member
  • Mute threads – the ability for members to opt-out of future messages in a thread
  • Polls – the ability to poll all members in a group

Anything else you’d like to see us build? Just hit reply and let us know.