Unlimited Groups

Today I’m excited to announce we’ve launched one of the most widely requested features on Gaggle Mail – unlimited groups!

Up until now, all groups on Gaggle Mail were charged separately. Even though you could link groups together and manage the members altogether, you still had to create a subscription for each group. Not anymore.

You can now create a subscription for your linked groups and then create as many groups as you like under that same subscription. This also means if you have members who appear in several of your groups you will only have to pay for that person once – regardless of how many groups they’re in.

Pricing for unlimited groups is double that for single groups so in many cases, where you have the same people in lots of groups, this can work out much cheaper. It’s just $1 per member per year, with a minimum of 40 members or $0.10 per member per month.

You can start a linked group subscription directly from your billing page where you’ll also find a cost comparison between single and unlimited group billing.