What’s new with Gaggle Mail? (☀️ Summer Edition)


It’s been a while since we last updated you with what’s going on at Gaggle Mail. The changes and improvements have been piling up, so we thought now would be an excellent time to take a breath and tell you about them.

Product Updates

Message Editor

This is a BIG one. We’ve completely reworked the message editor used when composing messages from the Gaggle Mail website. There are many improved formatting options, including the ability to copy and paste from Word and Outlook while preserving formatting. Also, you can now paste images directly into your messages.

New message editor

Email Signatures

Members can now specify an email signature to be included on messages composed from the Gaggle Mail website. This has been asked for a lot; it means messages sent directly from Gaggle Mail can have the same email signature as you use in your regular email client. Learn more.

Email signature

Improved Message Search

Searching the message archive is a powerful feature; we have made it more flexible and reliable. You can now use parenthesis as well as OR & AND operators. For example, “(this OR that) AND them” would find all messages with ‘this’ or ‘that’ as well as ‘them’. Learn more.

Improved message search

Message Threads

We have improved how message threads are displayed to give a better sense of who’s involved in a particular thread and how far through a thread you have read. Member icons are now shown at the top of threads, with the icon relating to the current message enlarged.

Improve message thread

Export Message Archive

We have also added the ability to export your entire message archive. This could be useful if you wanted to keep your own backup of your messages or if you wanted to move to a different service (why would you do that?!). It’s accessed from your group’s Settings page and there’s more information here.

Export message archive

What’s next?

There are a few things on our list that we have planned, but we’d really love to hear what you’d like us to be working on.

All the improvements above have come from user feedback, so if there’s something you’d like to see, please hit reply and let us know.