An Alternative To is a platform for managing membership to groups; it’s a popular site founded in 2007 and boasting thousands of groups.  However its status of late has come under question with people unable to get support and no changes to the site for years.  It appears to be in a ‘zombie’ mode; functioning for the most part but very little signs of life beyond that.  It is marked as discontinued by

Obviously we’d love everyone to drop your GroupSpaces accounts and run over to Gaggle Mail and if all you need is a simple, affordable group email list that has custom domain support, searchable message archive and a beautiful interface then why not!

If you do need all the functions that GroupSpaces offers then there are some alternatives; has a full set of group membership features and offers a similar feature set.

However if group email is what you need and you want someone dedicated to making the easiest to use, reliable, group email software then we’d recommend Gaggle Mail.  Obviously.