Introducing our API

With everyone using an increasing number of services and apps to support their online activities, the importance of tools like APIs has been growing. That’s why Gaggle Mail is proud to announce our latest feature, an API that all of our users can access!

In this post, we’re going to cover what an API is, what Gaggle Mail’s API can do, and the benefits you can expect from using an API. 

What is an API?

An API, short for Application Programming Interface, is a digital gateway between two different apps and services. It allows these two services to securely share data, making unique and programmable features available as a result.

For instance, say you use your website to collect new email subscribers’ email addresses. You then manually take those email addresses and type them into Gaggle Mail to add them to your subscriber list.

An API can connect your site directly to Gaggle Mail so that these new addresses are instantly added to Gaggle mail. This has many benefits, not the least of which is saving you time and energy. 

APIs exist in all kinds of apps and services, and now, they’re available in Gaggle Mail!

What can Gaggle Mail’s API do?

Gaggle Mail’s API is built to make managing the members of your group email as easy and efficient as possible. It allows you to add, remove, list, or update the members of your email group. 

This makes it significantly simpler to keep your email list current, especially for groups that have larger numbers. The API will handle most of the work for you, freeing up your time and reducing the chances for errors or inconsistencies with your list.

Gaggle Mail’s API also supports Zapier, which is an automation platform on the web. By combining these two services, you can make Gaggle Mail’s API even more powerful. 

The benefits of Gaggle Mail’s API

To give you a better idea of what makes Gaggle Mail’s API so powerful, we’ve put together this list of the key benefits you’ll see when using the API. By understanding these benefits, you can decide if using the API is right for you and how to get the most out of it. 

Easy to use

At the core of Gaggle Mail’s API is the ease of use. Our development team went to great lengths to make sure using the Gaggle Mail API is as easy as can be. This way, anyone can reap the benefits it has to offer. 

Not only is our API easy to set up, but it makes managing your group email significantly more manageable as well. You’ll find that there are several tasks that this API allows you to automate without too much effort or technical know-how. 

Overall, you’ll notice that you spend less time managing your group email while also getting more done. 

Automate your workflow

As we just covered, automation is at the heart of what Gaggle Mail’s API is capable of. Automation is core to the functionality of any API, and it’s a feature our team did not overlook. 

You can automate nearly every aspect of managing the members of your group email. That includes adding, removing, updating, or listing your group email members. 

To automate these tasks, just connect the API to an available app that you use to do some of these tasks. You could connect it to Google Sheets, Zapier, Airtable, your website, CRM tools, and much more. 

Manage your email lists

At the end of the day, all of the features that have been introduced with this API are designed to help you manage your email lists. Your email lists can likely be managed by hand when you’re just starting. Groups under fifty members typically aren’t too challenging to keep up with. 

However, as your group grows, you’ll soon find that managing everything by hand isn’t practical. That’s where an API can help. It connects the apps that you’re already using, performs the tasks that you’re already doing, and overall makes your life simpler. 

This allows you to manage your group email lists far more effectively. There will be fewer errors and discrepancies, less menial work, and more control when it comes to managing your Gaggle Mail subscribers. 

Save money

All of the aforementioned benefits build into one of Gaggle Mail’s API’s core features, which is that it can be used to save money. It does this in several ways. 

First, by reducing errors, you spend less money on “empty subscriptions” (subscriptions from people who don’t want to be subscribed anymore) and on staff to keep your email lists updated. 

Second, by reducing the amount of time you spend managing your group email, you’re freed to work on other tasks. Time is money, and an API will prove it!

Finally, an API helps you save money by replacing certain apps you may be spending money on. You can replicate the functionality of certain apps with an API, which means you no longer need to pay for those apps. 

Increase your scalability

As mentioned before, managing a growing group email can be difficult without some kind of automation and API support in place. For that reason, some email groups might have considered slowing down their growth or even not being able to sustain themselves after a period of growth. 

Again, an API can help. It gives you the resources and capability to meet the increased demands that come from a growing group email. This allows you to meet the demands of growth with more confidence and continue to grow afterward. 

Stronger deliverability and overall performance 

Lastly, Gaggle Mail’s API allows for stronger deliverability and overall performance. Your emails will reach more people, more accurately, and won’t reach the people who are no longer interested in your group email. 

This also bumps your overall performance. You’ll have more time, cash, staff, and other resources at your disposal. It allows you to provide the best service possible for your team as well as your subscribers. 

Start using Gaggle Mail’s API today

You can learn more about Gaggle Mail’s API by clicking here. Start using it today and make these benefits your own!