GroupSpaces Alternative

GroupSpaces has been on a death march for what seems like years now, the site has been up and available but there have been no enhancements or word from their support team for as long as I can remember.  With all that in mind, it wasn’t a great surprise when they announced at the start of this year that they were closing, permanently, from the 2nd April.


GroupSpaces sent round a comprehensive email to anyone with a GroupSpaces account about how to get their data out, which you need to do before April otherwise losing your data forever.

If you are looking for somewhere to move your group to, we’d suggest you give Gaggle Mail a try.  It’s really easy to move your group over, just export your member database as a .csv file then you can upload this directly to your Gaggle Mail group and you’re ready to go!

Just head over to our home page to create your group with a 14-day free trial and give it a go.