Understanding Reply Addresses

One useful feature of Gaggle Mail is the ability to configure to whom messages sent to your list are sent to, either the entire list or just the original sender.

We have recently made a change to make this distinction even clearer. Emails sent via your list will always come from the name of the person sending the mail with the email address of the group i.e. ‘John Sender <our-book-club@gaggle.email>‘.

If you hit reply to this message depending on whether the list is configured to reply to just the sender or the group the To: field on the reply email will look like ‘John Sender <john-sender@gmail.com>‘ or ‘Our Book Club <our-book-club@gaggle.email>‘.

It’s worth remembering that replys to emails from the list are just regular emails so if you want to change who they are sent to you can just edit to the To: field.

Hopefully this will make it clear to anyone in your group where emails are coming from and to whom they are being sent.