Improved Daily Digest and Moderation Emails

The Daily Digest feature is very popular on Gaggle Mail, we send thousands of digest emails every day. For many people these emails are their only interaction with Gaggle Mail so it’s important that they are as good as they can be.

To this end, we have just rolled out some changes to digest and moderation emails which we hope make them even more useful and relevant. There are two major changes you may notice.

Firstly, we now show the entire message in the digest. Previously we truncated messages after around 10 lines, this was mainly because we didn’t have a way of chopping off all the previous replies from an email thread. We can do this now which means we just show the immediate reply portion of a message and show it in its entirety.

And secondary, we now include all HTML formatting from the original email including any inline images. This means the message you see in a digest email will very closely resemble the original email.

These changes make digest and moderation messages much more self-contained so hopefully, there will be less need to view messages on the Gaggle Mail website and save you some time.

As with many changes on Gaggle Mail the changes we’ve made to digest emails came from user feedback, so if you have any ideas or feedback for us, we’d love to hear it!