How To Send A Group Email In Gmail

If there’s a group of people you regularly email from Gmail it’s really useful to create a group contact you can use as an alias instead of entering their names each time.  It’s straight forward to do – here’s how:


1. Go to Google Contacts (
2. Check the box next to everyone you want to put in your group.
3. On the left hand side select “Labels” and click “Create label” below it.

Creating a label in Google Contacts

4. Give your group a name in the Create Label prompt.
5. With your contacts selected click the “Manage labels” button at the top right and select your newly created label.

Selecting a label in Google Contacts

6. You’re done!


Now the next time you want to contact these people through Gmail just start typing the first few letters of the group name in the To: then select your group and their names will appear – easy!

This is great when you want to send to the same set of people but it doesn’t help when other people in your group want to contact the rest of the group.

With Gaggle Mail you can create your own permanent group email address (say which lets anyone in your group reach everyone else in the group all from one single email address.

Getting started with Gaggle Mail takes just seconds and with one email address for your group you don’t need to worry about people being left out when someone doesn’t click “Reply to all”.  Also when someone updates their email address there’s just one central place to change it so everyone is always kept in the loop.

Try Gaggle Mail for free and take the hassle out of group email.