An Alternative To is a platform for managing membership to groups; it’s a popular site founded in 2007 and boasting thousands of groups.  However its status of late has come under question with people unable to get support and no changes to the site for years.  It appears to be in a ‘zombie’ mode; functioning for the…More

Getting Your Message Delivered

Making sure messages get successfully delivery is one of the main goals of any group email list and we’re just made it even easier to check group members are receiving their messages. Every message sent over Gaggle Mail has a delivery report associated with it that shows when everybody received that message and if there…More

Group Email Daily Digest

Some group email lists can get very busy, especially when there’s lots of members. We have recently introduced a Daily Digest feature to Gaggle Mail that lets individual members of a group only receive an email from the group once a day rather than as soon as it’s been sent. The option is immediately available…More

Message Archive For Everyone

Gaggle Mail has always archived all messages sent over it and made the message archive available to administrators of the list.  All messages are instantly searchable and any attachments are also available for download from the message archive.     We have now made the message archive available to members of a list as well as…More

Understanding Reply Addresses

One useful feature of Gaggle Mail is the ability to configure to whom messages sent to your list are sent to, either the entire list or just the original sender. We have recently made a change to make this distinction even clearer. Emails sent via your list will always come from the name of the…More

Better Attachment Handling

We’ve recently improved how attachment are handled on Gaggle Mail. You’ve always been able to send attachments, up to a maximum of 5MB but now we show them in the Messages section of the group administration console where you can also download the attachment.More

Improved Desktop Layout

We’ve just made a change to the layout of Gaggle Mail when viewed on large desktop screens. Gaggle Mail already embraces responsive design and is completely usable on whatever size of screen you have. However we realised that our original design was tailored more towards small screens and perhaps we could make better use of…More

New Feature: Silence Echo Sent Messages

After some useful feedback from our users we added a new feature today. We have added a new group setting which allows you to choose whether the sender of a message will receive that message. With this setting switched off (the default) the behaviour most closely matches what traditional group email lists do i.e. you…More

Gaggle Mail on Hacker News

Gaggle Mail was posted to Hacker News as a Show HN project earlier today getting some interesting feedback and spending a few hours on the front page of HN.More