Going Professional

Since launching almost five years ago, Gaggle Mail has always been a paid-for service. We introduced a free plan last summer but this functions more of an indefinite trial for small groups to get a feel for the product.

Even though we’ve always been a paid service, we’ve only ever really had one price point – until now!

Starting this week, alongside the standard service (now called Personal) we’ve introduced a new Professional plan. The idea for this started a long time ago when we noticed more businesses and professional organisations using our service. Instead of the usual consumer groups (book clubs, church groups, sports groups, friends & family), we were seeing; companies, corporations, and professional bodies using Gaggle Mail to interact and communicate with their customers and members.

We wanted to serve these new professional customers better but at the same time, we didn’t want to price-out consumer groups which might not have a need for more advances feature.


So that is how our Professional plan was born. Currently, the Professional plan has two new features exclusive it. They are, the ability to use your own branding group and the ability to host your email domain with us. Both these features are aimed squarely at businesses who want to use Gaggle Mail but control how their group appears to their members.

If you have any questions about our pricing or anything else to do with Gaggle Mail, please let us know.